take action

Today’s {radiant} instructions:
Move into action today.
That which you elude to, that which flits across the horizon of your emerging dream is ready to come to fruition.
Take the first step into radiant action.
Although it may feel like a breathtaking leap into obscurity, know that the clouds will soon part and an expanse of clarity will find you.
Stand tall.
Be rooted in your own knowing.
The familiar melody of your deepening soul will lead the way, giving you confirmation that this path was crafted lovingly by your own design. And it was done with the wisdom and fluidity of your own spectacular be-ing guided by the tender hands of those who have come before you.
In the here and now, let your words ring true and your actions be fierce.
You are worthy, my love.
And you are just beginning.

Inspired by Write ALM: July Prompts



Today’s {radiant} instructions:
Dazzle yourself today.
With each step that you take, uncover the sun kissed moments drenched with energy gifted from the earth.
Delight in the sky’s delicious hues.
Trace the edges of freedom with the tip of your tongue and cover them with your full, parting lips so you may savor their rich flavor.
Step into the moment with extreme care, cradling the distinct presence of be-ing as it appears before you.
Get up close and personal with life as it tumbles freely from the shooting stars that illuminate your sight.
Upon taking this very breath inward, into your starving lungs, trust that all is well.

Inspiration from Write ALM’s: July Prompts

illuminated instructions

Today’s {illuminated} instructions:
Sink deeply into light.
Allow it to illuminate what was once forgotten or scarcely noticed.
Tiptoe through the stillness as it overwhelms the senses bringing you closer to home.
Say the words they need to hear, delicately, with unbound goodness and care.
Stretch yourself. Fill the space within your body with truth- with visions that set you free.
Loosen the cloak of confusion as all of your stories fall heavily to the ground. Step out of desperation and move within the gossamer threads of delight.
Wrap them surely around your burning skin. Your Self. Your being.
Add layer upon delicate layer until you feel cradled by desire.

Inspired by Write ALM: July Prompts


Today’s {intuitive} instructions:
Slow down. Open your eyes to everything that is within your line of vision.
Take deep, luscious breaths.
Walk barefoot in the grass. Notice how the clouds glide across the sky tenderly, in the morning breeze.
Allow the sounds of the day to reach your ears and settle deeply within the envelope of their curves
Taste the day. Sweep the delicacies of this moment under your tongue and savor until the last morsel melts away. Drink in the sweet liquid of love. Of newness. Of never-will-be-again.
Reach out. Fondle the light that warms the skin. Tease time with your knowing smile.
Write love letters in your mind, forming each word with the careful stroke of joy.
Listen to the chorus of love letters making their way to you, in one form or another.
Capture life, as you live it.


Poeming with Write ALM: July Prompts

soft hands

soft arms
curled around me,
soft skin
hand in hand
the flow of life
coursing through the
pathways and deviations
that line the exposed surface
as it gently brushes up against the day.
soft breath
taken in and expelled forth
with untold history
and memories held.
soft lines of wear,
weathered along the
curves of distinction,
sculpted with grace
and a brevity of an
in motion.

Poeming with Write ALM: July Prompts



As I open my heart and
mind to you,
I ask that you show
me the path
which will lead me home,
into the soft corners of
my soul.
Hold me close
and help me to hear
what truths
are being spoken from
the depths,
whispered from the
and those that are
blossoming within my

Poeming with Write ALM: July Prompts


in the light


Lingering in this space,
I feel alive –
as wholly alive
as the luscious greens that surround
the path.
Those who meet me
breath for breath,
creating an essence of another world
and I feel at home here,
in this world.

Fashioning a rhythm of my own
with each step I take,
I am reminded of my place
in this journey –
not quite nearing the end,
yet miles from the threshold
that opened my heart
and cracked it wide open
for all to see-
most importantly, my Self.
All crudely exposed
for scrutiny,
forcing me to blindly feel my way
towards the truth that lies
dormant within.

In this moment, however,
I am sated with
my view and
inhale the sweet breeze
of the unknown
as I move deeper into
the discovery
into the creation.




Poeming with Write ALM: June Prompts
Christina Rosalie’s 5×5 Creative Challenge




There are days that I cherish…the ones with electric blue skies stretching out around my world and hardly a cloud on the horizon. I lie back against the patio chair and drape my legs upon the table, allowing the moment to sweep me off my feet.  Today is one of those days.

My son and I just finished eating lunch under the canopy. A meal full of tantalizing colors, all pleasing to the palate. Simple, but nourishing. As the birds played us a pleasing melody, we relished in the fresh air with every bite that touched our lips.

Now that lunch is over, I sit quietly in the cool breeze alone, wishing to extend this pause in our day just a little bit longer.  On the other side of the screen door, I hear sounds of play from outside.  Blocks knocking together, animated conversations with imaginary playmates, and silliness – all allowing me to keep an eye on him while, at the same time, sinking into the day.

These are the seemingly perfect moments.  When everyone is being taken care of with relative ease. When there is nowhere to go and absolutely nothing needing my attention, except for the beauty of the fleeting moment.

The dishes can wait.  But this peaceful interlude in the sun…it cannot.




The 5/5 Creative Challenge with Christina Rosalie

She looked forward to the
as it washed away all that
and gave her the courage
to strip down to a,
once familiar,
unadorned layer—
exposing her most natural sense
of Self.

She danced
like someone who had finally heard
the rhythm of
her wandering soul,
as she tasted the
assault with
every inch of her wanting skin.
And all
was magic.

Standing on the cusp of this
new world,
she was finally ready to
fully embrace her

soul circle

Poeming with Write ALM: June Prompts


Each breath is a promise
to live
rightly, in my own love.
What have you promised yourself?
To stand fully in your own skin?
To listen closely to each sigh that
reaches your wanting lips?
Then go out
and taste
those promises.
Allow them to nourish your once
starving soul
before it becomes
unrecognizable to even you.

Feel them with each curve,
each dip of the body,
as you trace the edges of
your Self.

Promises, promises.
Don’t allow them to hold you back.
Embody them
so they may
set you

Poeming with Write ALM: May Prompts