Hold me
as I fall
in surrender.
Submerging as I may,
to bathe affectionately in the sanctuary
of your depths.
Your calm waters
soothe me,
calling me back.

Back to your love,
back to you -
Let us wrap ourselves gently around
this moment,
pulling it close -
breathing in the balm of
our own secluded hideaway
within this dance.

A Practice in Noticing: prompt

You may use these words however you like.
Hold them.
Shape them.
Create this moment in your mind, on paper, or in a visual representation.
Let your thoughts and feelings flow,
as you are held.

I would love to see what has been sparked by these words, if you wish to connect.
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Poem inspired by Write ALM’s: September Prompts

This week, our kitchen was alive with beauty.  The beauty was found on every countertop. In the sizzle of the saucepan as it heated and merged flavors together.  In the simple acts of mixing and rolling ingredients with my own hands and in each delectable bite that touched our lips. It was so present, so breathtaking, because I took the time to look more deeply into the ordinary art of nourishment.

Often times I am intimidated by the kitchen. Stepping into it three times a day, seven days a week, there is a challenge in creating something whole and appetizing out of disconnect – out of the pieces. With varied palettes living under the same roof and dwindling amounts of energy, cooking – more often than not – feels like a chore demanding to be tackled.

Then, something changed last week.  When I began to searching for opportunities within the lacking, it forced me to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.  Instead of greeting the task of cooking with trepidation, I instead aspired to infuse my meals with love and artistry.  I walked into my kitchen each day with intention – with the intent to slow down, to pause and take note of the art and the beauty of the fare, to see an opportunity for vivid, soul inspiring connections that could be made.  As I looked sweetly with artist eyes at the fresh, crisp ingredients that graced our kitchen, I was drawn into the exquisiteness of them all. Into the allure of creating a masterpiece.  By weaving vestiges of the past with contemporary elements of the present, what was produced this week was distinctive in design.

I hope to hold onto this newfound feeling of adventure in the kitchen and imbue a taste of this delight into anyone who gathers around the dinner table alongside of me, or anyone who attempts to steep our dishes with their own touch of magic. Until then, here some of the moments, some of the scenes, that took my breath away this week.


 paleo chocolate chips cookies baked on the cookie sheets my grandfather used in his bakery






 fresh garden veggies from the co-op




 a chosen recipe from my childhood cookbook, combining and creating side by side 




 afternoon light and beginnings – separate, about to become one


 my very first peach pie from scratch, with a lattice cream cheese crust

dinnerthe fine art of nourishment

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This Week in My Kitchen


As the summer months slowly move into recent memory and I walk steadily into the changing tides of autumn, I am met with a strong desire to come home. Not only to the walls that surround me each night as I slowly fall asleep, but more so to the essence that is felt and met within the soul. The connection to my innate sanctuary.

Recently during a conversation with my coach, Jo Anna (or as I like to think of her – my guide to electric living!), she asked me what I want to experience internally as I continued to make my way through this life. My life. One melded and shaped of my own spirited design. With this sudden desire to reside in my own space, she invited me to think about how I can create a “dream home” within my life.

To begin this delicate process of coming home, I felt the need to define it, in my own words, so that I may more clearly forge the path I hope to follow in the months to come. So, before I dive deeper into the process and curl up between a haven of intimacy and serenity, here is what home feels like to me, at this moment in time.


Home is shelter,
It’s a profound love
and the freedom to simply be.
It is everywhere I am and everywhere they are.
Where we celebrate our joys,
endure our sadness,
console to the extent of tender aching.
It is where we nourish body and mind,
where we grow beyond measure.
Home is a space, a connection.
Where we gather our thoughts,
our strengths,
our courage.
Home is our brave,
our wild
our “can be,”
our “I am.”

 Home lets the light in
and delineates the shadows.
It is a delicious emission of grief
as we howl under a full moon.
It fills us up and lifts us higher.
Home is our world,
the callous soil beneath our feet,
the malleable clay sitting in the palm of our hand.
Home is expanse within our core –
created in the stars,
sensed in the wind,
felt as the sun warms the skin.
It is found in an embrace,
wound inherently around a memory,
and where we feel most alive in this day.

 Home is breath –
deep inhalations of reminder,
followed by soft exhalations of stillness.
It is seeking what is already present,
listening and having faith in your journey.
It is coming up for air,
and a thousand dreams whispered to the night sky.

 Home is surrender –
your instinct,
a natural exploration.
The moment you drop the façade
and are rightly being seen in all of your humanness.
It is varied perspectives melded into one
with a lack of judgment being held.

Home is a distinct flavor -
of rich delight,
the salt of the earth.
It cuts through you like ice on a sun-drenched afternoon
and zealously bursts in your mouth like the hunger of
a fresh picked strawberry.
It is all of these tastes
assaulting your tongue at the same time
over and over,
until you are satiated.

Home is a willingness
to dive into greatness
and see what develops.
It is a spark
that will burn ferociously until something new is birthed into light,
or another path is illuminated in the process.

 Home is your favorite.
It never leaves you,
and won’t turn away.
It holds on for dear life
and cradles you until you
are settled
and at ease within your Self.

There is a steady rain falling all around, granting me permission to ease into this day.  It allows me to take shelter from the summer’s tempting heat that, often times, urges me to wade in the fullness of the season.  I am content, sitting comfortably on my rocking chair.  Barefoot, a soft dress enfolding me, a pen in hand…I am capturing the beauty this morning, instead of sensing the need to create it.  Gently, thoughts of this upcoming week drift into my waking consciousness, linger temporarily, and waft right back out again. The planning feels unnecessary – constraining even, as a new beginning beckons me forward – a new week, a new month, and soon, a new season.

Sundays often greet me with placid idleness, signaling a time for reflection or renewal. This particular Sunday has drawn me inward, where I can feel the power of connection pulsing beneath my sun-kissed skin.  It aches to escape through my fingertips, to brush across the palm of my open hand, and settle into my steely grasp.  I brace myself and begin to surrender to the mystery of it all. The only thoughts of preparation I am allowing are those circling within the heart-center of my home – the kitchen.


Only moments before stepping outside, I stood in front of our sink, carefully washing the dishes left in this morning’s wake. Unexpectedly, I began to discern a sense of lack pouring forth from just over my shoulder.  Withering at the thought of venturing out to stock up the bare cupboards and refrigerator, I took a deep breath and looked deeper – beyond the surface of merely a depleted kitchen. Instead of desperately trying to figure out which ingredients could be brought together to haphazardly create sustenance for the days ahead, I shifted my perspective entirely while I methodically rinsed and stacked the dishes to dry.

What if this lack, quite simply, was an opening? An opportunity to create a deeper connection with my life? I quietly ruminated about all the possibilities I was gifted with for connection – those I could forge as I turned this lack into abundance within this small part of my world. A solitary room in our house.

Within this lack, there is a chance to connect more sincerely to my Self. In what ways could I nourish, not only my body, but also my soul as I took time to prepare foods that my body cried out for, that my body needed? What would not only fill me up, but tease the palate and create the energy to keep me going? I sometimes pull my focus away from what I am calling out for, in attempt to satisfy everyone else.  This week, as I make footprints upon my kitchen floor, they should also step inward in ask.  And I shall listen to the answers that cry out.

butternut squash

Over the past couple of days, as I prepared food for my family, I have also felt a transcendent connection to my past. Recently, I was slicing up a handful of peaches for a cobbler that I so desperately wanted to devour – the sweet nectar running down my hands and fully embracing the messiness of this task. While I added the remaining ingredients, which included blackberries we harvested at the orchard, I felt the presence of my grandmothers swirling around me.  It was as if a window to antiquity had opened and I could see them standing in the exact same spot of their kitchen, lovingly preparing food for their family.  How could I tap into that potential again this week? How could I honor that connection as I participated in this simple family ritual of dinner preparation?



And what about the connection to my own family in the present? Are there dishes that lend themselves to the work of small hands who are always seeking out a way to help? My 4 year old finds such joy in learning how to cook, how to prepare meals that grace our table.  If I have the opportunity to infuse our meal with his zest for life, I only need to jump at the chance. It is a rare instance that the three of us are not gathered around the table for dinner.  Is there some way that I could not only get the meal completed, but also slip in a favorite entrée or a special additive to brighten up someone’s day? I find such joy in seeking out a special way to present our meals, whether it is picnic style or using the china for no particular occasion…what I can do this week that will bring a smile to someone’s face?


Finally, there is also space to strengthen my visceral connection to the earth. To our land.  This summer has brought an abundance of fresh vegetables and fruit into our kitchen, whether it was from our own garden or neighboring ones in the area.  There is something so sensual and tantalizing about selecting fresh, crisp ingredients that began as a single seed in our own backyard.  Now, that the season is coming to an end, how can I savor the last few offerings that the soil has gifted to us?  How can I use what we have to create a work of beauty?


There’s no telling what this week will bring or how our meals will fall into place.  Sometimes, what we hunger for rides on a whim, changing my plans completely. What I do know, however, that instead of focusing on the lack, it takes little effort instead to focus on the opportunity.  As I step into the kitchen at the start of the week, possibly even donning an apron that was hand-stitched by my grandmother {simply for the sheer joy of connecting}, I know that there will be a beauty in the dance.  Beauty in the relationship between the work of my hands and relishing in the tastes that make its way to the tips of our tongues. Beauty in filling the lack with a bounty of delicious interconnectedness.  All it takes is a gentle shift in perspective. Looking beyond what “has to” be done.  As I softly rock back and forth, breathing in the serenity of this day, I yearn to find a way to bridge the gap between body and soul.

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This Week in My Kitchen


Today’s instructions:
Open your eyes and wake with sheer, unadulterated joy for the mere existence of this day.
It is yours.
Ripe, pure, and alive with enough space for your Self to roam fearlessly through the expanse.
Feel the pulsing beat of your heart – quivering erratically as it tastes the heady combination of freedom and choice.
Dip your toes in the crystal clear reflection staring back at you.
Satisfy your thirst as you drink in the wonders of this gift of light.

Inspired by Write ALM’s: August Prompts



A morning love song
that begins when the light
strokes the earth with devotion.
An open door,
that leads out to the
dew-stained horizon,
welcoming me
with a soft kiss upon
my cheek.
Back and forth,
transfiguring breath
into life.
Warmth rising
from within
as the eyes delight
among nature’s divinity.
Channeling time,
messages from above
as they stain the
vacant page.
Each an offering,
humbly placed within reach
of those
openly searching
for themselves.


Today’s {lyrical} instructions:
Release what you’ve been holding on to for so long.
Feel the power in your surrender.
Trust what you’ve always know to be true, but kept at bay.
Believe in the subtle guides that are with you always – those right beyond your line of vision or just over your shoulder.
They are a part of you.
They are your heart and soul.
And they speak your verity.
As you let go, feel the peace radiating through each limb, flowing within your veins, and expelling from every breath. Know that this peace is your anthem.
And it will sing you home.

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Poeming with Write ALM: August Prompts


Today’s {essential}  instructions:
Slow down and live the poetry of your life today.
Delight in the unique and wondrous beauty that surrounds you at every turn.
Dance between the raindrops, among the stars, through the pain.
Welcome what comes with open arms as the day sweeps you away, exposing you to the delicate balance of choice and surrender.
Experience the painted pictures of grace.
Express gratitude for each solitary daisy, each gentle smile, each tender moment that you alone are privy to as you travel through this fleeting moment in time.
Be the beauty and the allure.
Feel it within the marrow of your soul as you write the next page of your life’s story.

take action

Today’s {radiant} instructions:
Move into action today.
That which you elude to, that which flits across the horizon of your emerging dream is ready to come to fruition.
Take the first step into radiant action.
Although it may feel like a breathtaking leap into obscurity, know that the clouds will soon part and an expanse of clarity will find you.
Stand tall.
Be rooted in your own knowing.
The familiar melody of your deepening soul will lead the way, giving you confirmation that this path was crafted lovingly by your own design. And it was done with the wisdom and fluidity of your own spectacular be-ing guided by the tender hands of those who have come before you.
In the here and now, let your words ring true and your actions be fierce.
You are worthy, my love.
And you are just beginning.

Inspired by Write ALM: July Prompts



Today’s {radiant} instructions:
Dazzle yourself today.
With each step that you take, uncover the sun kissed moments drenched with energy gifted from the earth.
Delight in the sky’s delicious hues.
Trace the edges of freedom with the tip of your tongue and cover them with your full, parting lips so you may savor their rich flavor.
Step into the moment with extreme care, cradling the distinct presence of be-ing as it appears before you.
Get up close and personal with life as it tumbles freely from the shooting stars that illuminate your sight.
Upon taking this very breath inward, into your starving lungs, trust that all is well.

Inspiration from Write ALM’s: July Prompts

illuminated instructions

Today’s {illuminated} instructions:
Sink deeply into light.
Allow it to illuminate what was once forgotten or scarcely noticed.
Tiptoe through the stillness as it overwhelms the senses bringing you closer to home.
Say the words they need to hear, delicately, with unbound goodness and care.
Stretch yourself. Fill the space within your body with truth- with visions that set you free.
Loosen the cloak of confusion as all of your stories fall heavily to the ground. Step out of desperation and move within the gossamer threads of delight.
Wrap them surely around your burning skin. Your Self. Your being.
Add layer upon delicate layer until you feel cradled by desire.

Inspired by Write ALM: July Prompts