As I open my heart and
mind to you,
I ask that you show
me the path
which will lead me home,
into the soft corners of
my soul.
Hold me close
and help me to hear
what truths
are being spoken from
the depths,
whispered from the
and those that are
blossoming within my

Poeming with Write ALM: July Prompts


in the light


Lingering in this space,
I feel alive –
as wholly alive
as the luscious greens that surround
the path.
Those who meet me
breath for breath,
creating an essence of another world
and I feel at home here,
in this world.

Fashioning a rhythm of my own
with each step I take,
I am reminded of my place
in this journey –
not quite nearing the end,
yet miles from the threshold
that opened my heart
and cracked it wide open
for all to see-
most importantly, my Self.
All crudely exposed
for scrutiny,
forcing me to blindly feel my way
towards the truth that lies
dormant within.

In this moment, however,
I am sated with
my view and
inhale the sweet breeze
of the unknown
as I move deeper into
the discovery
into the creation.




Poeming with Write ALM: June Prompts
Christina Rosalie’s 5×5 Creative Challenge




There are days that I cherish…the ones with electric blue skies stretching out around my world and hardly a cloud on the horizon. I lie back against the patio chair and drape my legs upon the table, allowing the moment to sweep me off my feet.  Today is one of those days.

My son and I just finished eating lunch under the canopy. A meal full of tantalizing colors, all pleasing to the palate. Simple, but nourishing. As the birds played us a pleasing melody, we relished in the fresh air with every bite that touched our lips.

Now that lunch is over, I sit quietly in the cool breeze alone, wishing to extend this pause in our day just a little bit longer.  On the other side of the screen door, I hear sounds of play from outside.  Blocks knocking together, animated conversations with imaginary playmates, and silliness – all allowing me to keep an eye on him while, at the same time, sinking into the day.

These are the seemingly perfect moments.  When everyone is being taken care of with relative ease. When there is nowhere to go and absolutely nothing needing my attention, except for the beauty of the fleeting moment.

The dishes can wait.  But this peaceful interlude in the sun…it cannot.




The 5/5 Creative Challenge with Christina Rosalie

She looked forward to the
as it washed away all that
and gave her the courage
to strip down to a,
once familiar,
unadorned layer—
exposing her most natural sense
of Self.

She danced
like someone who had finally heard
the rhythm of
her wandering soul,
as she tasted the
assault with
every inch of her wanting skin.
And all
was magic.

Standing on the cusp of this
new world,
she was finally ready to
fully embrace her

soul circle

Poeming with Write ALM: June Prompts


Each breath is a promise
to live
rightly, in my own love.
What have you promised yourself?
To stand fully in your own skin?
To listen closely to each sigh that
reaches your wanting lips?
Then go out
and taste
those promises.
Allow them to nourish your once
starving soul
before it becomes
unrecognizable to even you.

Feel them with each curve,
each dip of the body,
as you trace the edges of
your Self.

Promises, promises.
Don’t allow them to hold you back.
Embody them
so they may
set you

Poeming with Write ALM: May Prompts


bloomI am breathless with
Deep down,
in the center of
my being
I can feel layer after layer
blossoming willfully,
as I become firmly
in my own knowing.

This delicate dance –
the one I am commanding –
makes my body hum
mercifully with atonement,
as the debut of my
Self unfolds.

Who knew how weak my
inner voice was?
How little marrow
was actually exposed?
As I stroke each delicate petal
covering my
supple skin,
I ferociously breathe in
the luscious scent
of life -
one of my heart’s


Secret Message print by Messy Canvas

girlOriginal Icon Art by: Janae, featured in the Secret Message Society Zine

Wise Woman


Poeming and art journaling with: Write ALM May Prompts

And then, she stepped outside, into the darkness so that she could feel the earth come alive around her. She always used to think that nightfall was something to be wary of.  But now, she is learning to examine her{Self} in both the darkness and the light.

When the sun begins to set and all of Mother Earth is teetering on the edges of day and night, that is where she truly finds waiting herself. She gathers the pieces that split silently from her being when the sun burned brightly – like shadows that strayed too far from the source.  Mother, wife, friend, daughter – unknowingly being shed from her skin and scattered in every direction imaginable.  It was only then, when night came knocking on her door, that she was finally able to call them home, collecting the silhouettes and pressing them against her weary frame.  Slowly, wrapping her arms around them, they melted into one.  Her{Self} always felt relieved when this happened.  Able to fully relax into the whispers of her soul.

“How had so many people arrived at the conclusion that darkness was something to be feared, fought, gotten through, or avoided?”  ~ Learning to Walk in the Dark, Barbara Brown Taylor 

Walking gracefully towards the rocking chair that was crafted by her Love, she fell softly into its embrace, inhaling the scent of night and feeling as if this was her first deep breath of the day.  With strained eyes, she gazed around her in awe of how the landscape flourished all about. She proceeded to rock back and forth, slowly becoming devoid of sight, while her others senses were awakened – the numbness of the day fading into oblivion.  She closed her eyes and allowed them to stretch.  To stretch beyond the realm of imagination only to land sharply onto the ground of the here and now.

She could feel the clouds moving through the night sky, just as they did in the light.  The trees bending and dancing to the wind’s urging.  Small animals roaming the earth and winged creatures taking flight, just beginning their journey on this hour. The tiniest of insects scuttled about. The grass grew. The flowers drank in the rain that fell just hours before.  The world around her hummed in a fiery way, inviting her to open her mind to what was.  The only difference from night and day was that she could not see in the darkness. She was blinded within the void. However, it was during this eclipse that she could feel the electricity pulsing through her Whole body, as the night welcomed her into its cool embrace.  You see, it too had been waiting.  Waiting to see her again.

dark night

“How can we find the courage to walk in the dark if we are never asked to practice it?
~ Learning to Walk in the Dark, Barbara Brown Taylor

Inspired by: Write ALM May Prompts

In a single breath,
in a solid heartbeat,
in the soft blink of an eye,
all has been transformed.

What was once barren
and dead,
is now so fully alive.

Each tiny bud has cracked
wide open
singing its own aria of spring,
while painting rich
colors across the
awakening landscape.

As I stand,
transfixed by the
variegated dance,
I wonder,
does the Wild Mother ever slumber?
Ever rest her weary head?


Poeming with: Write ALM April Prompts

The light streams in,
settling amongst the
haphazard moments of
this morning.

It embraces each with a
delicate touch,
stroking the movements
of this lyrical routine,
illuminating those which
drift by so effortlessly
within breath -
many times unnoticed.

The light asks me to stop -
to pause and consume
each pulse of my blessed existence with
and an unyielding
sense of wholeness.
To see what is.

tea and writing

Poeming with: Write ALM April Prompts