The light streams in,
settling amongst the
haphazard moments of
this morning.

It embraces each with a
delicate touch,
stroking the movements
of this lyrical routine,
illuminating those which
drift by so effortlessly
within breath -
many times unnoticed.

The light asks me to stop -
to pause and consume
each pulse of my blessed existence with
and an unyielding
sense of wholeness.
To see what is.

tea and writing

Poeming with: Write ALM April Prompts

Beauty is in the softening,
each time you fall
and hear the sweet sound
of your voice
speaking gently to your
waiting breath.
in that moment,
is where you will
find yourself
dwelling among
the infinite.


“How wonderful you are, I say How
clever, if you
Needed me,
To wake me.”
~ Mary Oliver

Poeming with: Write ALM April Prompts

Most days, I am up before the dawn.
As I walk slowly towards my pen and paper,
she grasps her ink as well.
I feel comfort in the beginning – the blank page.
The sweeping ambiguity in what lies ahead.
Nothing written,
nor in motion.
Just my feet as they guide me towards the quiet
space I inhabit in solitude.

My soul begins to stir
as the sun does.
Ever so slowly,
we open our eyes together
and drop the first tinge of pigment
over what is yet to come.

I live for those moments –
those in which the sun gently extends her arms
out over the world,
splashing an ever-growing blanket of light
along the skyline.
When I can actually see the day
awakening alongside of me.

I feel the flutters of excitement,
knowing that I am witnessing a
mark of beauty.
Ordinary magic in its truest form.

I breathe in deeply with the new day.
Stretching my fingers
out over the page
at precisely the same moment when
hers are beginning to orchestrate a masterpiece -
teasing every living thing alive,
with the touch of her hand.
Both of us revealing our visions
in the subtle
glow of daybreak.


Poeming with: Write ALM April Prompts

Tempted to take the first step,
out into the
Slowly, gracefully putting
one trembling foot in front of the other
and drawing in a
reassuring breath,
she stands up to face
the unknown.
Gingerly moving closer
to the threshold,
to the point of no return,
she lifts her face
towards the sun-drenched sky and
feels the energy
of the Earth
pulsing through her marred body.

and raw,
the cool wind licks at her wounds
quenching the fire that
burns from within.
This is it.
The metamorphosis is almost complete.
She reaches back to touch her
supple wings,
dripping with ripening splendor
as she unfurls them one by one.
The air of freedom is intoxicating.
Rich with promise.
As her pulse quickens,
and her eyes become alight with
feral anticipation,
she lifts her arms -
reaching out towards the sky,
and takes the plunge
and unmistakable



Poeming with: Write ALM April Prompts


Take my hand,
for I am here
within you.
Allow me to guide
as my whispers
meet your lips.

Your moans, are
Your yearnings,
I share.
Let us walk together
and discover this life,
just as you are.

Today, let us shatter
the desperation of wanting to be
or anyone
other than the reflection we see before us.
Walk forth with
Love what is.

If you are lonely,
we can roam out into
the world together.
If you are feeling complacent,
go wild.
Dance your way through life
and do it with
If you are longing for light,
touch it.
Seek out the flame,
the beams.
And bathe yourself in their beauty.

dark field

Let us step onto the path,
even before we are given the map
to where it leads.
Surrender control
and plunge into
The disorder.
The anarchy.
The disorganization of life,
and roll around in the mess.
Drink it in,
and leave the rules behind.
Look fear in the pulsing,
blood-shot eyes,
and push through the aching
to find life.

Relish in the uncomfortable
feeling of mystery
and seek out your story.
Find your madness.
The insanity
of falling in love
with your own




After a long,

desolate winter,

I ache to see the

tiny flutters of



living wild and

free across the landscape –

imminent in every corner

touched by light.

I long to see it

bursting at the seams.

Distending from the branches.

Spreading out beneath

my feet –

a carpet of verdant


that breathes

vitality and life

into my waning


A disturbance of color

rightly coveted by this



world that surrendered

to the harsh battle

with darkness.

I search rabidly now,

for the smallest of


pushing forth

from the depths of

the soil.

Reaching out from

the quagmire,

and unfolding

delicately as it


and breaks through

the terrain.


a fresh start.


An awakening

in the soul.

“Trust that your feet will lead you – guide you in the right direction, as if they instinctively know where they are meant to land.  Allow them to follow the map of imaginary footprints, which are inked onto solid ground.”

Conceal the clocks, stash the phone, and forget about what time it is – just for today. Because today, time doesn’t exist. There is nothing that desperately needs accomplished. No tasks that can’t wait just another moment. Rip up your to-do list.  Shred it into the tiniest pieces that you can manage, because today, I am in charge.


Sink into me and get lost in the flow. When I’ve had enough sleep, open your eyes and greet the day, regardless of where there sun lies in the darkened sky. Just begin. Put one foot in front of the other and let me lead you to your bliss. Don’t fight me. Don’t stop me dead in your tracks, clutching the edges of the doorway in an effort to change my mind –to lead me where you think I should go. Trust me. Hear my whispers. They are your deepest needs – your purest desires.

 Release your hands and allow the blood to flow back through your aching, whitened knuckles. And just listen. Step forward into the outline of your path. Whether it straight or curvy. Zig- zagging back and forth or muddled through the thick. Whether it leads you to a soft, slow waltz that will carry you lightly through the ease of life or to a gyrating flamenco dance that vibrates your hips as you feel the rhythm of the day. Simply move.

When you feel your heart begin to race or the divine click of the neon sign in your mind, flash YES! – take it as the only sign you need to move effortlessly in that direction. Go there. Try that avenue on for size. You can always turn around and follow the bread crumbs back to where you started from.

 If you become enchanted by a song being sung in the distance and feel compelled to find out where it is coming from, then go. That is the power of your blood song pulsing through your veins, filling up your entire body and feeding your soul. Don’t try to silence the melody. Crank up the volume and go in search of the source. You will be singing sweetly in no time.

Last Day

And if all is silent around you, except for the rise and fall of your breath, swim in the stillness as it echoes through your mind. Sit still. Your feet do not always need to move so quickly through life as if you are racing towards the finish line. Stop and drink the watercourse. Allow the calm of the day to satiate your thirst. Keep your eyes on the road, but don’t forget to enjoy the scenery. To bask in the interlude of your journey.

Then, when the light begins to fade and the darkness sets in, use your inner compass to lead the way as it shines towards the closing of another day. Whenever you feel me begin to slacken and your eyes begin to droop, wrap me up in your embrace. Cover me in a blanket of gratitude and bid me good-night. But don’t bury me under layers and layers of cloth.  We have another day ahead of us tomorrow. More miles to travel. More stories to pen. And I have a feeling that I know exactly where we need to go.

With love,

Your Sacred Compass



I am perched precariously,

where the light shines,

cutting through the transparency of this moment.

While creating a semblance of serenity.

Of luscious abundance

and brightness.


it pours down from the sky,

contriving an image that drinks in each moment of prayer.

Illuminating each piece of translucent thread

that threatens to unravel

and destroy this illusion.

My truth is a list with no end. A question with no answer. The push and pull of loving my life as it is each day and forever seeking something more.

My truth is a steaming hot soak in a lavender scented bath, attempting to thaw the chill that has taken over. It is in the dance of the flames that surround me and in the first sip of tea that warms my belly, allowing my breath to deepen.

My truth is buried in a foot of snow. Beneath the layers. Lying dormant and waiting in hopes of pushing through the hardened soil and once again touching the light of the sun.

My truth is reflected in the eyes of my child. Forcing me to come face to face with all that I lack and all that I love. It is in the truths hidden from the looking glass that hangs precariously on my wall and catches my likeness each time I pass by.

My truths are held in the promises that I didn’t keep. The phone calls I never made. The books that lie forgotten on the shelf, collecting dust from neglect. It is in the words that bubbled up and out before I could bite my tongue once more – leaving a bitter taste in my mouth.

My truth is in my tears. Those that fall wordlessly and tirelessly from my soul. Those shed in secret. When I think no one is watching.


Fragile Beauty

Looking through the glass,

the outside pulled me in.

Gently held a hand

on either side of my face

and transfixed my gaze

so that I could only see the beauty

that was the expanse.

The frost.

The dawn of a winter’s morning.

Tiny diamonds danced hypnotically

throughout the layers of white,

shining so brightly

like stars had come down to rest,

tired from the endless night.

I inched closer

towards the living, breathing world

sitting exposed

for all to see.

The ice

draped effortlessly

in a frozen embrace,

hugging every last branch

as if this were the final goodbye.

A fragile landscape

that could shatter at any moment

and scatter into